ODP Benefits and Responsibilities

What are the Benefits of Participating in ODP?

  • Development as a player via training and playing with the best players in your own age group.
  • Quality instruction from nationally licensed coaches.
  • Quality competition through games against other state association ODP, Regional/National Teams, and international teams.
  • Exposure to National and Regional Team coaches.
  • The opportunity to represent one’s state, region or country in competition.
  • High-level exposure to college coaches.
  • The opportunity to compete for Regional and National Championships
  • The chance to see the world. US Youth Regional ODP teams have traveled to any number of places, both domestically and internationally. Florida, Las Vegas, San Diego, France, England, Costa Rica, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Argentina and the Netherlands have all previously been destinations for Regional ODP teams.

Responsibilities of players and parents:
  • Devotion to the Game – This level is typically represented by players who have selected soccer as their sole competitive activity.
  • Time Commitment – Players are expected to attend all training sessions and games. Any absences must be documented and approved by the Director of Coaching.
  • Communication – PLAYERS, not parents, are expected to communicate with age group coaches and ODP administration.
  • Pay Attention – Please pay particular attention to ALL deadlines and instructions for various activities. Adherence to these dates is key to reducing hassles and costs.
  • Nevada Youth Soccer asks that you be sensitive to the pressure that most players feel when participating in these events. Your POSITIVE ENCOURAGEMENT toward all players, at all levels of state team functions, is appreciated.
  • Please limit your contact with coaches/selectors during these events. Nevada Youth Soccer appreciates the time and commitment parents make on behalf of the players.