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Olympic Development Program


We are rolling out a NEW ODP program for the 2015 ODP teams.

The 2015 try outs will be for players that have the BIRTH YEAR for the following age groups; 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002.  We will allow 2003's to try out, but they would have to make the 2002 teams and would be considered only for the 2002 since there is no 2003 team.

We hope to keep this schedule moving forward in the years to come for our top soccer players.


  1. This year try outs will be $90 per player, whether you attend one session, two or all three.
  2. Those that are selected into the ODP "pool" will have additional training fees for the summer camp, fall training sessions, and December try out/selection of teams, as well as a training shirt.  We estimate those fees to be between $200 - $300 per player.
  3. Finally, those that make the team for the Arizona ODP Championship Tournament will have additional costs for tournament fees, uniforms, sweats, coaches travel and fees, which we estimate will be between $200 - $300 per player.

ODP "pools" will be selected in the North and South with a combined camp in the summer, North and South trainings in the fall, seperately and final combined try outs in December to select the top 18 players for the ODP Championship Tournament in Arizona again this year.

The same college coaches will be at the camp and ALL try outs.  Local coaches approved by Dean Wurzberger will handle training sessions in the fall months.  The dates noted below are firm with schedule already arranged with all college coaches.


May 14th & May 15th - open try outs in the evening with an invite only for May 16th, 2014.  (Wednesday - Friday)

Here is that schedule;

May 14th @ Golden Eagle; 4:30pm - 6pm for '98, '99, '00 and 6:30 - 8:00pm for '01s and '02s.

May 15th @ Golden Eagle; 5:30pm -7:00pm for '98,'99, '00, and 7:30 - 9:00pm for '01s and '02s.

May 16th INVITE ONLY @ South Valley LOWER fields from 4pm - 7:30pm.


All try outs will be held at Kellogg Zahar fields 4 - 7

May 19th; '01s & '02s from 6:00pm - 7:30pm; '98, '99', and '00s from 8:00pm - 9:30pm.

May 20th; '98, '99 & '00s from 6:00pm - 7:30pm, and '01s & '02s from 8:00m - 9:30pm.

May 21st; INVITE ONLY; 6:00pm - 9:30pm



July 16th - July 18th

NORTH AND SOUTH trainings from Sept - Nov.

Will be set up some time over the summer after coaches have been approved and their schedules with this program worked out.


Dec 12th - Dec. 14th, one try out Friday night, two on Saturday and a final try out on Sunday.



This information may or may not already be on the Region IV web-site....

Both boys and girls camps will be at Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon.

Boys Dates

June 30 - July 4th; 2001 & 1997 age groups

July 5th - July 9th; 2000, 1999, 1998 age groups

Girls Dates

July 10th - July 14th; 1997, 1998 and 1999 age groups

July 15th - July 19th; 2000 & 2001 age groups


In order to attend this camp you MUST be invited by the Regional staff, and those invites are issued via e-mail, please make SURE that you are checking your player's e-mail regularly for any information.  We, the State of Nevada, do not get a copy of the e-mails or issued a list of invitees until about two weeks prior to the camps, but invitees should start receiving e-mails sometime around the end of April or earlier.


The ODP Championships will be played at the "Reach 11 Sports Complex" in Phoenix, Arizona.

The address for the fields is;

2425 E. Deer Vally Rd.

Phoenix, AZ 85050

Directions to Reach 11 Sports Complex:
The Reach 11 Sports Complex is located in north Phoenix, about (1) one mile north of the Loop 101 Pima Freeway. Take the Loop 101 (Agua Fria Freeway) to Cave Creek Road. Drive north on Cave Creek Road to Deer Valley Road. Turn right (east) to the Reach 11 entrance.


Frequently Asked Questions about ODP program

Does a player have to attend all try out times to be considered? NO, abosolutely not!  A player can attend just one or all sessions depending on their schedule, the price is the same.

My player was in the Regional pool, do they have to try out again?  YES, in order to be considered for a team this year EVERYONE must try out each year.

What is "Regional pool" or Region IV?  The United States is divided up into 4 Regions with approximately 12-13 states in each.  Each State is given the opportunity to select up to 18 players per age group to represent their State in different events that Regional Coaches attend and identify players that could be selected for the "Regional Pool", or even Regional team, that will be evaluated for the National Pool and team.  A "pool" of players is more than the 18 that are on a team, coaches use this to finalize their selections to a "team".  The Region IV web-site is www.regioniv.com

What age can my player try out?  Each year there are ONLY 5 years that are evaluated during try outs.  We allow one year younger, but no more than that.  2015 the ages are '98, '99, '00, '01, and 02's

That means that, for the 2015 teams, we can not have players born in 2004 or younger attend these try outs.

How are the 2003's evaluated if there is no team for them? 2003's that attend, but will be evaluated along side the 02's players for a spot on the '02 team.

If my player plays on a '98 team, but was born in '99 which try out do they attend?  You child will be evaluated on THEIR birth year, not what team they currently play for, so they should attend the 1999 try outs.

What is the ODP Championships?  It is a tournament in which all of the Region IV ODP teams participate to see which state has the top team and players.   Additionally, Region IV ODP staff use this tournament as their primary time to evaluate players for the Region IV camp/team.  In the past the tournament has been held in Arizona, and will be again this year.

Will my player have to miss school to attend the tournament? Unfortunately, yes, the ODP Championships is a three day tournament beginning on Thursday, January 9th through Sunday, January 12th. The first games for some of the teams starting at 2pm on Thursday, the 9th, and all teams in the tournament will play sometime on Thursday, so it will be necesary to take Thursday and Friday off.

If my player makes the team, are there additional costs? We have not estimated the costs this year, but yes, there are additional costs, last year it was $250.00 (This did NOT include any necessary travel for your player.)

What is the ODP team fee for?  The cost for ODP includes; tournament fees, pre-tournament training, coaches travel, and uniforms.  (sweats will be offered for an additional cost)

Pre-tournament training?   Where is it and is it mandatory? The additional college coach training is NOT mandatory, however, this is where some of the coaches meet their team that they might be coaching during the ODP Championship tournament.  These trainings have not yet been set up yet in the North or South, but it IS already included in the one ODP team fee.

I live in the North, can we opt to attend trainings in Las Vegas? Yes, anyone that makes a team CAN attend the trainings in Las Vegas prior, but it is usually during the week and you player would miss school.

If my player from the North makes the team and we can only afford to send him/her and we don't attend who will take care of them? Players from the North that make the State ODP team that need a chaperone will be arranged on an as needed basis by letting me know @ slojers@sbcglobal.net.  We DO have chaperones that will be attending, and they can fly with that person and stay with that person, sharing the cost of the hotel rooms. This way the Northern players can keep their costs as low as possible.

What if I am planning to travel with my player, do I have to stay in any specific hotel?  No, you can make your own hotel/travel arrangements to fit into your budget.