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Olympic Development Program

2016 ODP Championship Tournament details!

ODP The Shield (region 4)  

2016 US Youth Soccer ODP Region IV Championships

Phoenix, AZ | Reach 11

Jan. 7-10, 2016


The ODP Championships will be played in Phoenix, Arizona on 1/7 - 1/10. (Thursday - Sunday)  Every player selected to the Nevada State team will need to be in Phoenix by the evening of 1/7/2015, Wednesday, because games will start on Thursday at 2pm...all teams will play at some time at 2pm or after on Thursday.

The fields once again will be at the "Reach 11 Sports Complex" in Phoenix, Arizona.

The address for the fields is;

2425 E. Deer Vally Rd.

Phoenix, AZ 85050

Directions to Reach 11 Sports Complex:
The Reach 11 Sports Complex is located in north Phoenix, about (1) one mile north of the Loop 101 Pima Freeway. Take the Loop 101 (Agua Fria Freeway) to Cave Creek Road. Drive north on Cave Creek Road to Deer Valley Road. Turn right (east) to the Reach 11 entrance.


All-Star Teams Announced for the 2015 US Youth Soccer ODP Girls Thanksgiving Interregional

FRISCO, Texas (Dec. 1, 2015) – US Youth Soccer is proud to announce the US Youth Soccer ODP All-Star teams for the 2015 US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program (US Youth Soccer ODP) Girls Thanksgiving Interregional, which recently took place Nov. 22-27 at Spanish River Athletic Park and Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Fla. Of the nearly 400 players that participated in the event, five rosters were constituted based on outstanding performance – one for each of the 1998 through 2002 age groups.

With programs in all 55 US Youth Soccer State Associations, US Youth Soccer ODP, the original Olympic development program, is available to any player. US Youth Soccer ODP is the only elite player development program that can claim members of Major League Soccer, the National Women’s Soccer League, and the majority of current and past national and youth national team members, as alumni.

1998 All-Star Team
Taylor Kornieck
      Midfielder           Downtown Las Vegas     Henderson

Jadyn Nogues        Midfielder           Las Vegas Premier SA     Las Vegas


2001 All-Star Team
Jaelyn Eisenhart     Midfielder           Heat FC 01           Henderson


Nevada Congratulates its ODP BOYS that have been honored with this selection!

The following Nevada ODP Boy's have been selected on to Regional teams which will be traveling to tournaments from November and December to represent Region IV in top level competition.  Our Congrats to these young men, I'm sure you'll represent Nevada well!

Andrew Siciliano

John Lynam​

Harrison Skinner​



Nevada Congratulates its ODP GIRLS that have been honored with this selection!

FRISCO, Texas (Nov. 11, 2015) — US Youth Soccer is proud to announce the participants of the annual US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program (US Youth Soccer ODP) Girls Thanksgiving Interregional, held Nov. 20-27 at Spanish River Athletic Park and Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Fla. Rosters will be comprised of more than 350 elite players in the 1998-2002 age groups, from each of the four US Youth Soccer Regions. The event will consist of training sessions and matches in front of U.S. Soccer national staff and collegiate coaches to maximize their exposure for selection to the next level of play.

US Youth Soccer ODP is the only elite player development program that can claim members of Major League Soccer and the National Women’s Soccer League, as well as the majority of current and past national and youth national team members, as alumni.


Taylor Kornieck 10 Midfielder Downtown Las Vegas Nevada

Jadyn Nogues 11 Midfielder Las Vegas Premier SA Nevada

Arlie Jones 16 Forward San Diego Surf Nevada

​Eva Swearngin 17 Forward San Juan Nevada


Jaelyn Eisenhart 5 Midfielder Heat FC 01  Nevada




Tournament 18 Teams Announced for the 2015 US Youth Soccer ODP Region IV Championships


FRISCO, Texas (Jan. 26, 2015) – US Youth Soccer is proud to announce the US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program (US Youth Soccer ODP) Tournament 18 teams for the 2015 ODP Region IV Championships, which recently took place Jan. 8-11 at Reach 11 Sports Complex in Phoenix. The four-day tournament featured teams of elite players in the 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 age groups, from Region IV, which includes Alaska, Arizona, California North, California South, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.
The Tournament 18 teams were selected from US Youth Soccer Regional Coach evaluations. Throughout the event players attended training sessions and competed in matches in front of collegiate coaches for the opportunity to be selected to a higher level of play.
1998 Girls Tournament 18 Team


Taylor Kornieck NV


1999 Boys Tournament 18 Team

Player State
Harrison Skinner NV 


2001 Boys Tournament 18 Team

Player State
Azriel Gonzalez NV


2002 Boys Tournament 18 Team

Player State
Abel Mendoza NV
Daniel Leyva  NV


2002 Girls Tournament 18 Team

Player State
Olivia Garcia NV


Frequently Asked Questions about ODP program

What does ODP stand for?  ODP stands for Olympic Developemental Program.  For more details about the program and it's origin, please see the "About ODP" tab.

Does a player have to attend all try out times to be considered? NO, absolutely not!  A player can attend just one or all sessions depending on their schedule, but the price is the same.

What age can my player try out?  Each year there are ONLY 6 years that are evaluated during try outs.  We allow one year younger, but no more than that.  2016-17 the ages are '00, '01, '02, '03, '04 and '05s..

That means that, for the 2016-17 teams, we can not have players born in 2006 or younger attend these try outs.

How are the 2005 and 2006's evaluated if there is NO TEAM for them? All 2005s will be evaluated and placed into a ODP State "pool", however NO TEAM will be named or attending the ODP Championship Tournament in January.  

Additionally, a 2005 CAN make the 2004 team if the coaches want them to attend the tournament.  These evaluations are solely for the State coaches to have players to recommend to Regional camp the following year (2017) 

Any 2006's that attend, but will be evaluated along side the 05's players for a spot in the '06 pool.

If my player plays on a '00 team, but was born in '01 which try out do they attend?  You child will be evaluated on THEIR birth year, not what team they currently play for, so they should attend the 2001 try outs.

What if my player is injured and won't be released from the doctor to try out in May?  Injured players MUST register BEFORE try outs end --  even if they can not attend the dates of the scheduled try outs.  They will be allowed to try out at a later date.

What if my player plays forward or midfielder, but the ODP coaches have him/her playing defense?  Try outs for the ODP pool/teams are simply that, try outs for a "team".  The head coach of that team decides where best suited your player should play, based on the abilities of all of the team members at his/her disposal.  You should keep an open mind, and perhaps the ODP coach will inspire a new position in your player that propels them into the next level.  Because telling a coach, as a player, "I only play midfield" (or forward - or defense) when the coach already sees 5 midfielders better qualified that your player could keep them from being selected to the pool or team.

My player was in the Regional pool, do they have to try out again?  YES, in order to be considered for a team this year EVERYONE must try out each year.

What is "Regional pool" or Region IV?  The United States is divided up into 4 Regions with approximately 12-13 states in each.  Each State is given the opportunity to select up to 18 players per age group to represent their State in different events/tournaments that Regional Coaches may attend and identify players that could be selected for the "Regional Pool", or even Regional team.  Once part of the Regional team they could be evaluated for the National Pool and team.

A "pool" of players is more than the 18, which is the maximum allowed on a team for competitions; coaches use this to finalize their selections to a "team".  The Region IV web-site is

What is the Region IV camp?  The Region IV camp is a INVITE only camp where Region IV staff "invites" a player from a selected state to come together with other players from other states to a summer camp, where they are evaluated further for a possible place on the Region IV pool or team that then goes into further evaluation for the National pool/team.  And, yes, they do have a charge for that camp, that information can be found on the Region IV web-site.

What is the ODP Championships?  It is a tournament in which all of the Region IV ODP teams participate to see which state has the top team and players.   Additionally, Region IV ODP staff uses this tournament as their primary time to evaluate players for the Region IV camp/team.  In the past the tournament has been held in Arizona, but could be held in any of the Region IV states.

Will my player have to miss school to attend the tournament? Unfortunately, yes, the ODP Championships is a four day tournament beginning on Thursday, sometime near January 8th through the following Sunday. The first games for some of the teams starting at 2pm on Thursday, and all teams in the tournament will play sometime on Thursday, so it will be necessary to take Thursday and Friday off.

Can I play High School Soccer and participate in the ODP program without violating any NCAA rules?  Yes!  But you must contact me to obtain a form that you have to give to your principal of your high school who also sends it to your school district.  You CAN be turned down by either your principal or school district, but I haven't had that happen at this point.  Just send me an e-mail to and on the subject line put; ODP High School form needed.

If my player makes the Nevada State ODP pool/team, are there additional costs?  Yes, there are additional costs, last year it was $300.00 for the pool and $350 for the Arizona tournament costs. (This did NOT include any necessary travel for your player, and will not include those costs again this year.)

This year, those that are selected into the ODP "pool" will have additional training fees for the summer camp/final try out, fall trainings, as well as a training shirt.  We estimate those fees to be between $300 - $400 per player.

Then, or next, those that are selected to the team for the Arizona ODP Championship Tournament will have additional costs for tournament fees, uniforms, sweats, coaches travel and fees, which we estimate will be between $300 - $400 per player.

What is the ODP pool and team fees for?  The cost for ODP includes;  summer camps, coaches travel to all events, practice shirts, tournament entry fees, uniforms, and sweats.  The State of Nevada does NOT consider ODP as a money maker, or profit based event for the State.  The charges to participate are hard costs for each event for the coaches, their travel and tournament fees.

Pre-tournament/camp?   Where is it and is it mandatory? The additional college coach training and camps are NOT mandatory, however, this is where some of the coaches meet their team that they might be coaching during the ODP Championship tournament.  The summer camp will be in Las Vegas. 

If my player makes the pool/team and we can only afford to send him/her to the camp in Las Vegas or the camp in December and we don't attend who will take care of them? Players from the that make the State ODP pool that need a chaperone will be arranged on an as needed basis by letting the State Office know at 702-870-3024.  We DO have chaperones that will be attending all events, and they can fly with that person and stay with that person, sharing the cost of the hotel rooms. This way the players can keep their costs as low as possible.

What if I am planning to travel with my player, do I have to stay in any specific hotel?  No, you can make your own hotel/travel arrangements to fit into your budget.